30 Things in My 30th Year

30 Things in My 30th Year | Project Managing Mama

I had mixed feelings about turning the big 3-0 back in March. On one hand, it allowed me to reflect on how grateful I am for my loving husband, adorable baby, and satisfying career. But on the other hand, I couldn't help but think about where I thought I would be in my life by now both professionally and personally. After getting voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by my senior class in high school, I was quoted in the yearbook saying "I can't wait to retire...at 35" (You can't make this stuff up!). I no longer believe I will be retiring in 5 years, but what I have realized is that life is more than just a number. I decided that I wanted to make my 30th lap around the sun even more memorable by accomplishing these 30 things. In no particular order:

  1. Start a blog! (I can check this one off, woohoo!)
  2. Learn how to dive
  3. Attempt the circle board (it's okay if you don't know what this is, pictures to follow)
  4. Determine my signature drink
  5. Try kombucha
  6. Drink one of those green grass shots
  7. Do a sugar detox for 5 days (maybe more if I can manage it!)
  8. Sew a skirt (or something, a skirt just seems easier)
  9. Try self-tanner
  10. Create a will
  11. Take on interior design of one room in my house
  12. Electronics detox for a whole weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
  13. Be a tourist in Chicago
  14. Get a tattoo (sorry, Gram and Gramps!)
  15. Finish round 2 of BBG workout
  16. Learn how to play one song on a ukelele
  17. Plant something (any suggestions for something easy?)
  18. Practice speaking Spanish
  19. Go to a concert
  20. Take a class
  21. Get a facial or massage
  22. Attend a Mommy and Me event
  23. Attend a blog conference
  24. See doc for annual check-up
  25. Start a capsule wardrobe for workwear
  26. Learn about wine
  27. Go to church when we have no conflicts 
  28. Do at least one devotional each week
  29. Find an opportunity to volunteer
  30. Generally just kick ass!

Have you created a similar list? Are there any activities you would like me to follow-up on? Comment below!