5 Things I Do to Avoid Burnout and Be Happier

5 Things I Do to Avoid Burnout and Be Happier | Project Managing Mama

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Happy is something we all strive to be. The challenge I have is when I get caught up in the stresses of life, the only thing I can do is think about how stressed I am and then continue to get even more stressed! I have realized that in order to get out of this seemingly never-ending cycle and move forward in a productive way, I need to take a step back and do something I enjoy. Sometimes taking a step back also helps me when I'm either getting close to burnout or lacking motivation. If you ever find yourself feeling like you're stuck in a hamster wheel, then give a few of these things a try! (Also, just a side note, they are all free!)

1. Read books.

Although I enjoy listening to books on business (notice how I said "listen"?), I think it's extremely important to read just for fun from time to time. Books are a great escape from daily life and get the creative juices flowing. I'm a big fan of teen fiction and at any given time, I'm likely reading 3 books in parallel.

Current reading list:

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland

2. Listen to a podcast.

I love podcasts. I listen them to and from work, on walks with Emmett, and EVEN when I workout! I like they are less of a commitment than a book, but still allow you to learn something new. There are so many different types of podcasts from business and health to comedy and kids & family. 

Current podcast list:

The Goal Digger Podcast

3. Try out a mindfulness app.

I've heard a lot about the benefits of mindfulness. It increases productivity, self-awareness, concentration and more. Although, I'm not great at finding time to meditate, I think it definitely helps me with my ability to focus throughout the day. It's almost like a mini yoga session! Note to self: make mindfulness a habit. Check out this blog post to learn how I use habits to make my life easier.

Mindfulness app I use:

Aura - I like this app because it provides you a session based on how you are feeling. I like to keep my sessions short and this app offers 3 minute sessions! I mean we all can make time for a 3 minute session! Right?!

4. Read a daily devotional.

I love that devotionals are inspirational and guide you through scripture and prayer. They give you an opportunity to reflect on your life and your future. 

Current daily devotional:

The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer

5. Call a friend or family member.

The things listed above are great, but nothing can really beat talking to a friend or family member. My suggestion is to set up weekly phone calls with your people and stick to them. It'll be something you look forward to each week and give you the time you need to share both wins and setbacks. Mom, you might be hearing from me more frequently from now on!

Have any of these things helped you manage stress or do you have anything else to add to the list? Share below! Here’s a blog post on how to manage anxiety to perform at your best.