Design Your Summer in 3 Simple Steps

Design Your Summer in 3 Simple Steps | Project Managing Mama

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Growing up, my summers felt magical. School was out, the days were long, and I had nothing but time. I want to be able to create the same atmosphere for my baby and to do so, I used these three steps to design my summer. It takes a little legwork upfront, but trust me, you’ll be grateful when the warm months fly by and you have the memories to look back on.

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of all scheduled events that cannot be moved.

    • Music festivals/concerts (Windy City Smokeout, Ravinia)

    • Community events (Taste of Chicago)

    • Library events

    • Sporting events

    • Food festivals

    • Carnivals

    • Races

  2. Brainstorm sunny and rainy day activities.

    • Sunny day activities:

      • Farmers markets

      • Food trucks

      • Pool

      • Water park

      • Theme park

      • Art/craft fair

      • Antique fair

      • Botanic gardens

      • Zoo

      • Driveway games (blow bubbles, chalk)

      • Mini-golf

      • Catch fireflies

      • Make s'mores

      • Pick strawberries at a farm

      • Go fishing

      • Go hiking

      • Go kayaking or canoeing

      • Go camping

      • Go biking

      • Watch fireworks

      • Outdoor movie

    • Rainy day activities:

      • Nature center

      • Planetarium

      • Aquarium

      • Craft time

      • Museums

      • Movies

      • Library

      • Restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops to try

  3. Fill out your calendar.

    • Add chosen scheduled activities to calendar.

    • Then add at least one rainy day activity and one sunny day activity to the remaining days. This way you will always have something planned no matter the weather.

    • Check out my plans for June here!

I know what you're thinking. That's it? And yes, that's it! It's really that easy, but our problem is if we don't put things on the calendar, we don't do them. Kickstart your summer by filling out your calendar. Share any other tips you have for designing your summer in the comments!