Father's Day Gifts that Benefit the Whole Family

Father's Day Gifts that Benefit the Whole Family | Project Managing Mama


Father's Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than getting the dad in your life a gift the whole family can enjoy! 

1. Backyard Hammock and Stand: What dad wouldn't love a new place to relax?? Keep your dad well-rested so he can be at his best for all the baby shenanigans. I mean, who doesn't like hammocks?!


2. New Bedding and Pillows: You're probably starting to sense a theme here, but I find sleep to be very important and lack of sleep can greatly impact your performance during the day. Therefore, I try to do whatever I can to improve the environment that we sleep in, which includes bedding and pillows. We use Bedgear sheets and Jacob has a Bedgear pillow that he literally cannot travel without!! The sheets keep us cool at night and I may or may not use Jacob's pillow when he for some reason cannot bring the pillow with him! Ha!


3. Google Home Mini: We got one of these from Jacob's parents for Christmas and we primarily use it to know the weather for the day and play music. Although that may not seem like a whole lot, I'm all for anything that makes our lives even a tiny bit easier!


4. Grill and Apron Set: I'm not so skilled in the art of grilling, but my husband sure is and when we eat better, everyone wins! If you don't have a grill set yet, I would recommend this one because it has a little bit of everything. For fun, throw in this Grill Apron Set so the father in your life can look the part!

5. Fire Pit Cookout Set: Shhh, but Jacob may or may not be getting this for Father's Day! My plan is to get this fire pit for our backyard and add in a few extra items to supplement the fun! These items include marshmallow roasting sticks, sandwich/pudgy pie cookers, and all s'more ingredients!


6. Portable Speaker: We are pretty much always dancing or singing even when Emmett isn't around! In order to bring the music wherever we go, we pack our portable speaker that is even waterproof for use on those beach days.


7. Magic Bullet Blender Smoothies make me smile! Here's another gift idea that the whole family will love. Smoothies are easy to make, nutritious and fun for all! When we're being really healthy, we drink smoothies as our dessert and Emmett can't seem to get enough!


8. Vacuuming Robot: I don't actually have one of these, but I've heard nothing but good things. My husband must have clean floors at all times and probably (more like most definitely) vacuums more than the average person. This robot would clean the floor for us, entertain Emmett and allow us to spend our time as we wish! Just to note, I decided not to buy one because I'm not sure it would actually decrease the amount of time that my husband vacuums (LOL).


I hope that these ideas give you some Father's Day inspiration! I am so grateful for all of the dads in my life (not just on Father's Day) and my hope is that every time we use the gift we will remember how truly thankful we are. Comment below with other ideas of gifts that you've thought of!